About YajLee

Eva Otis, YajLee AB

I didn’t have a sports bra that really worked!

A sports bra that was totally seamless, with no chafing elastic, but that still provided strong support for the entirety of my breasts (not just support for “half the breast” which tended to be my experience with sports bras).

I wanted a sports bra that was easy to put on and take off, and that didn’t produce any “near death experiences” every time I tried to take it off after a workout. I tried tons of different styles, but didn’t find anything I was satisfied with, so I simply decided to develop my own. And that’s how my vision for YajLee was born!

The perfect sports bra

Eva Otis, YajLee’s CEO, founder and driving force, is a young and fearless entrepreneur originally from Södermanland, but who now lives in the gem of the west coast, Gothenburg. She is an incredibly powerful woman who never gives up until she has achieved what she visualizes in her dreams. Eva saw an enormous hole in the market and was firmly set on designing and producing the absolute best sports bra (and a unique post-surgery bra) that the market had ever seen.

Eva says proudly: “Every detail and angle is carefully chosen, as well as the material, and YajLee’s sports bras are tested on hundreds of women throughout the course of the design process. The bra is now patent pending, because you won’t find any other sports bra on the market with all of YajLee’s advantages in a single product. Pure magic!

YajLee – the journey from idea to company

Eva’s own words:

“When I decided to design my own sports bra, the adventure began with first trying to find the perfect fabric. I decided to begin my search in Turkey, because I knew producers there are among the absolute best in the world when it comes to textiles. But it wasn’t easy, because I only have experience from the restaurant industry, I don’t speak a word of Turkish, and I have absolutely no familiarity with textiles or design. But fortunately, I found a factory that understood my vision and could help me reach my goals. An outstanding partnership developed and I still work with the same factory today.”

“In 2012, I started my company, YajLee. Things have been rolling forward ever since and I enjoy each day with a big smile on my face. The journey has been a real roller coaster. I’ve been on TV on Draknästet, the Swedish version of the Dragon’s Den; I began a partnership with one of the world’s biggest riding companies, Mountain Horse, and the company Apteka in Poland. I also design and produce products for other companies, and give lectures on my journey at Almi, the Swedish Jobs and Society Foundation and more. YajLee can be found in Norway, Denmark, England, Poland, Russia, and of course Sweden.”

“The company name was a super fun and creative part of starting the brand. I knew I wanted to reach out to the world with my unique products, so protecting the company’s name immediately was an obvious choice. It was equally obvious that the name shouldn’t contain å, ä or ö, that the domain name was free and so forth. What I didn’t know was that the naming process would be so hard. For several weeks, I rolled tons of different names and letters around; even at breakfast I tried flipping the words on the milk package. After 5 long months, the light bulb finally came on: YajLee! A name that is bold and humble, but totally unique, just like me.

YajLee stands for my family, my siblings and my nieces and nephews: Yonca, Alice, Jonathan, Lotta, Eva & Emma.”

“I learn something new every day and that makes me happy. I know and sense that YajLee’s magical journey to help women and their breasts achieve optimum comfort has only just begun!”



YajLee currently works with partners including: