Not wearing a YajLee bra is like

running a marathon in only one sneaker.

Satisfied customer

YajLee – all the advantages a sports bra can have in a single product; it’s pure magic!


A sports bra that provides support even during the most extreme sports.

Here is what women who wear YajLee bras each day have to say:

“A stable, functional sports bra that keeps its shape for women on the run. I’m a horseback rider and fitness gal, and this is a fantastic sports bra that provides the support you need. Warmly recommended.”

Karin Liberg

“A YajLee bra is as a form of protection as important to me as a seatbelt in traffic”

Camilla Olsson

“Thank you to Eva at YajLee for developing such an incredibly comfortable bra. I live my entire life in your bras!!!”

Karin Umeå