Style: Recommended for women who have had a breast lift and/or breast reduction

A bra for women who have had breast lift and/or reduction surgery, when swelling can limit you. This is the bra for you if you want the comfiest feel with the absolute best support on the market.

This unique bra provides the optimum fit, with a wide back closure and smart, openable shoulder straps, all to make your time after surgery as smooth and comfortable as possible.

Advantages of this style:

  • Extra powerful support with the help of wide sides and a wide back closure; good for reducing swelling.
  • Openable shoulder straps allow for easy opening for washing and doctor’s visits.
  • Seamless bra to prevent rubbing on your scars; rubbing can cause irritation.
  • Unique high design to also provide your breasts with support from above.
  • Padding behind all hooks and eyes to keep you comfortable all day long.
  • Unique angle of the shoulder straps relieves the sensitive neck and shoulder muscles.

It is important to avoid rubbing against your scars

That is why this bra has no seams and no elastic. 
Because rubbing against your incision/scars can cause irritation and prevent healing.

Good support after surgery

Our bra has a unique design that provides support from above, below and the sides. 
The support is provided via the strong material we’ve chosen for our products. Good support helps counteract and/or reduce any swelling.

The best things are the simplest

The shoulder strap closure makes it extremely easy for you to open the bra for medical exams and washing. The shoulder strap closure helps you take the bra on and off – all to make healing after surgery as easy and comfortable as possible. The breathable material effectively transports any moisture away from skin to reduce the risk of irritation at your incision.

Comfortable bra to wear after surgery

The wide, padded shoulder straps distribute pressure and weight for the best feel and maximum comfort. The precise, unique angle of the shoulder straps keeps them in place, always. There are also soft padded cushions behind the back closure to make this unique bra comfortable for you to wear, all day long. Our extra wide back closure helps provide the absolute best support for your breasts.

Style: Recommended for women who have had breast augmentation/implants

This unique bra is designed especially for women who have had a breast augmentation and want the most comfort with the absolute best, most supple support on the market.

A bra that provides an optimum fit with a narrow and convenient back closure and adjustable shoulder straps.

Advantages of this style:

  • Padded and adjustable shoulder straps.
  • Convenient back closure.
  • Unique angle of the shoulder straps prevents them from slipping off shoulders.
  • Seamless to prevent chafing.
  • Provides good support for the entirety of your breasts.

Adjustable shoulder straps for the best fit

Our bra has adjustable shoulder straps and a convenient back closure that makes it easily adaptable to your unique body.

A comfortable bra for sleep

The bra has padded shoulder straps to prevent red marks and chafing; the unique angle of the shoulder straps prevents slipping and helps relieve the sensitive neck and shoulder muscles.

Padded cushions behind the back closure make this bra so incredibly comfortable that you will absolutely want to wear it every hour of the day.

Focus on feeling good

Our bra is completely seamless because seams can rub against incisions and cause irritation. With a unique design, this bra even provides support from above, in a very carefully chosen and strong material. The material transports any moisture away from skin in the best way possible, allowing you to focus on healing your beautiful body.

Find the right style and size!

The style for “breast lift/reduction” differs primarily from the style for “breast augmentation” in that it has a wider back closure, which provides even more support and pressure distribution. It also has slightly wider shoulder straps, which can be opened via the hook closure.

Remember: your bra should fit properly! Only the ribbed cuff should be under the breasts. Pull up the front; it should cover the entire bust for the best support. Support should primarily come from above and from the sides. Remember to position your breasts properly in the bra. The fabric has two woven-in circles that should be situated symmetrically around the breasts in order for all of the bra’s advantages to be put to maximum use.

YajLee has the normal spectrum of sizes, S-XL, and every bra style can be individually fine-tuned with closures and slide adjusters. The sizes may seem small, but it is important for the bra to fit snugly in order to provide the best support. See our sizing guide.

Material and laundering

YajLee’s bras are made of 83% nylon and 18% spandex. The bras are specially treated with HY DRY PROTECTION, a natural and environmentally friendly method that transports moisture away from skin. Therefore, do not use fabric softeners when washing your bra. Machine wash warm, do not tumble dry.

YajLee’s bras are designed and developed in Sweden, but manufactured in Turkey. The factory has excellent working conditions and every step of the manufacturing process takes the utmost care for the environment into consideration.

Are you pregnant?

Our Alice and Lotta sports bras also work brilliantly during pregnancy.